Transcription VA Services

HealthCare VA / Transcription Process

Key Benefits:

• Highly accurate transcriptions.

• Ultra-quick turnaround time.

• Experienced and knowledgeable transcribers with 24/7 support.

• 100% HIPAA compliant and high data security.

• Affordable and cost-effective services.

• Flexible and customized solutions to suit your needs.

• Frees up your time, allowing you to focus on core medical activities.

• Speeds up the process of filing and processing of claims .

• Increases accuracy in filing claims, which increases your chances of recovering money.

• Eliminates the need for in-house claims processing staff.

• Reduces/eliminates administrative overheads.

• Allows you to focus on your core competency.

• Improves the quality of claims and saves costs.

• Allows up-to-date maintenance of records.

• Reduces turnaround time dramatically.

• Personal attention to patients is a primary goal for most medical professionals. Employing a Virtual Assistant makes reaching that goal more easily attainable.

• Virtual assistants are increasingly used for tracking patient’s pre- and post- treatments. By adopting text and voicemail confirmation to a prior appointment, VA’s can eliminate cancellations and reduce the outstanding bills.

• Another consideration for doctors is when to schedule work. Ideally, a doctor may engage virtual assistants during office hours for scheduling, patient follow-up, prescription delivery or insurance verifications. But virtual assistants are available at all hours of the day and night. This means that a smart medical office can shift after-hours work such as transcription and billing to hours that don’t impact the work of delivering medical services to patients during the day. Many doctors’ offices actually end up with a fusion of these two models, getting the best of both worlds.

Language Transcription

We can translate any kind of document, medical bill, certificate, instruction manual, book, article, resume or motivation letter etc. Also I able to transcribe videos English and Local indian ( Hindi / Marathi ) language.

Insurance verification

Health insurance verification is all about the process of checking a patient's active coverage with the insurance company and verifying the eligibility of his or her insurance claims. In order to avoid claim rejection, the verification process must be done before the patient is admitted into a hospital.

Record Maintenance

Your records and databases will be regularly updated and maintained.

Healthcare Customer Service

All your customer relationship management related work will be taken care by our Virtual Assistant.

Hospitals Billing and Accounting

All the finance payable and receivable will be tracked and taken care of by our Virtual Assistant.

Electronic Medical Records(EMR) Management

Your patient EMR will be maintained and updated from time-to-time. Updating patient files and other data entry duties.

Appointments Scheduling

• All your patient and business appointments will be managed and receive reminders and confirmations.

• All your post-check up work will be taken care of by our Virtual Assistant.

• Verifying insurance information, including eligibility and pre-authorization.

• All your insurance information and smaller details will be managed crisply by our virtual medical assistant.

• Calling insurance companies to determine what is/is not covered. Following up on claims, including handling appeals.

Manage Orders & Supplies

All the logistics of ordering supplies, ensuring delivery and doing it recurrently.

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