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HTML/PDF Data Extraction

Data extraction is the act or prepares for recovering information out of (more often than not unstructured or ineffectively organized) information sources for encouraging information handling or information capacity (information relocation).


• Data Mining & Analysis

• Data Warehousing

• Data Collection & Transformation

• Cloud Computing

• Beyond Technical Skills

Tools to improve Web Data Extraction:

• Uipath


• Kimono

• Screen Scraper.

Tools to improve PDF Data Extraction:

• Tabula.

Image Editing

Image editing envelops the forms of modifying pictures, whether they are computerized photos, conventional photo-chemical photos, or outlines.


• Make a thumbnail of images

• Adding watermark to images.

• Image Editing and re-sizing.

• Cropping..

• Brightness and Contrast.

• Color Temperature and Color Adjust.

• Channel Mixer

Photoshop Knowledge:

• Product Image editing,

• Add watermark to the image.

• Rotate Image according to Left or Right position.

• Add Right or Left positions on images.

Contacts Information Gathering

As characterized within the lexicon, information gathering is the act of collecting data from different sources through different implies. Within the strict sense, data gathering could be a essential human ability fundamental for undertaking fundamental human exercises such as eating, resting, working etc.


• Manage contact lists and customer spreadsheets.

• All types Data Entry Work, Data mining, Data processing Work.

• Complete market or internet research.

• Contacts Information Gathering

•Online and Offline data entry

Contact Details sample work:

• Strategies for Successful Information Gathering:

• Be Proactive: Authoritative information around the company and industry you’re assembly with, as well as, common data around the individual.

• Know What to Ask: Being proactive and doing your pre-meeting inquire about will pay off when the time comes for opening the discourse and inquiring the correct kind of questions.

• Sound Curious: This may particularly be the case in case you meet with the same sorts of companies, who as a rule share the same sorts of stories, challenges, and questions.

• React vs. Respond: It’s less demanding to reply to a common address or ask in a nearly programmed way when you’re commonplace with the subject.

• Learn Buying Patterns: This prepare is all approximately revealing and learning the correct pieces of data approximately how the company made an acquiring choice final time.

Pulling Data from Websites/Portals

Web scratching, web collecting, or web information extraction is information scratching utilized for extricating information from websites. Web scratching program may get to the World Wide Web specifically utilizing the Hypertext Exchange Convention, or through a web browser. ... Getting is
the downloading of a page.


• Manage contact lists and customer spreadsheets.

• All types Data Entry Work, Data mining, Data processing Work.

• Complete market or internet research.

• Contacts Information Gathering.

• Online and Offline data entry.

• Pulling Data from Websites/Portals .

• Online Data Searches.

Data Miner:

• Extract Data From any Website in Seconds.

• Scrape With One Click.

• Scrape Without Worry.

• Keep Your Data Private.

Website Content Research

Web investigate is the hone of utilizing Web data, particularly free data on the World Wide Web, or Internet-based assets in inquiring about. Web inquire about has had a significant effect on the way thoughts are shaped and the information is made.


•Use a Search Engine .

•Search with Advanced Search Commands and Strategies.

•Use Subject-Specific Catalogs and Databases.

•Search through the Invisible Web.

Sample of Website Content Research:

Core Competencies :

• Research on Google, Google Maps.

• Adding a business name and contact information to a directory,

• Finding out who are the top businesses in a city, Province, Zip code.

• Writing the phone numbers, Addresses.

• Collect their organic positions and Map positions.

• Add the total number of review and ratings .

• Input format in an Excel sheet.

Online Store Bulk Product Uploading

The bulk transfer highlight may be an awesome instrument for sellers with large catalogs. It can be used to form different items at once employing a spreadsheet, rather than filling in areas one-at-a-time.


• All types Data Entry Work, Data mining, Data processing Work.

• Complete market or internet research.

• Pulling Data from Websites/Portals.

• Online Data Searches.

• Website Content Research.

• E-commerce Product Entry.

• Online and Offline data entry.


• Must need to be on Products Page.

• Click on Import.

• Click on Choose file to Import the CSV file (CSV file Must be in specific standard format).

• Locate the CSV file and click on Open.

• Click Upload File.

Powerpoint Presentations

A PowerPoint introduction may be an introduction created using the Microsoft PowerPoint computer program. The introduction may be a collection of person slides that contain data on a point. PowerPoint introductions are commonly utilized in commerce gatherings and for preparing and instructive purposes.


• Preparing a Presentation.

• Organizing the Presentation Material.

• Writing and Communication.

• Presentation Method.

• Presentation Notes.

• Visual Ads.

• Presenting Data.

• Managing the event.

• Dealing with Questions.

• Self-Presentation.

Huge Data Files Conversions

Information change is the change of computer information from one arrange to another. All through a computer environment, information is encoded in an assortment of ways. For illustration, computer equipment is built on the premise of certain guidelines, which needs that information contains, for illustration, equality bit checks.


• All types Data Entry Work, Data mining, Data processing Work.

• Data Conversion.

• High volume any format data to PDF/MS Word/CSV for easy import and.


• Any format to Image.

• JPG to PDF conversion.

• Scan PDF to searchable PDF.

• Bulk File renames.

• Data merge and Splitting.


• I am expert in OCR, Data conversion, word formatting and publishing.

• Data Conversion using Abbay Fine Reader.

• Word Styling and Formatting using Ms-word Micros.

• JPG to PDF conversion.

• Scan PDF to searchable PDF.

• JPG Cleaning using photoshop.

• Bluk File renaming.

• Textpad, Ms-word, Excel Micros.

• Data validating or checking with conditional regular expression.

• XML/HTML Tagging.

• Data merge and Splitting.

Can convert your scan .jpg, .tiff or .pdf files into excel, word, text or searchable pdf files using OCR technology from Abbay Fine Reader software. I will provide high Quality, Time-bound & cost-effective services.

Image to XML Conversion

The Picture Converter may be a straightforward apparatus that gives a speedy way to perform essential picture transformation assignments: It can change over from any picture arrange Creation gets it to BMP, GIF, PNG and JPG groups.

Tools Experience :

• Abbay Fine Reader

• Notepad


• Working on Digitization process XML and HTML(CSS) projects.

• Conversion of images into editable Text OCR Process (Optical Character Recognition).

• Creating Management report(MIS).

• Communicating and maintaining production, quality, attendance of and solving queries of team member regarding the project.

• Data Conversion of German News Paper and Magazine from PDF to XML. Using Xml Schema file, Textpad Editor and their macro's and some XML validation tools.

• Conversion of images into editable Text OCR Process with 99% text accuracy (Optical Character Recognition) using Abbyy fine reader tool.

• Within 6-7 hours TAT have to upload all magazine or newspaper.

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