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Excel / Macros

A large scale may be a piece of programming code that runs in Exceed expectations environment and makes a difference robotize schedule tasks. In a layman's dialect, a large scale could be a recording of your schedule steps in Exceed expectations that you simply can replay employing a single button.


• Date Separation using Excel related functions, ( VLookUp, HLookUp, Conditional Formatting, Text To Column, If etc).

• Excel VBA Macro Creation.

• Text Pad Macros creation by Regular Expression.

• Manage Excel into the proper format.

• Concatenate data with other tagging excel sheet.

• Convert Excel data into XML using different macros.

• Checking Data Conversion.

• Check each and every tag by Epsilon tool and publishing tool.

• Web-based data collection ( Mozilla and Chome Add-on ) .

• Strong Web research

Image to OCR

Optical character acknowledgment is the mechanical or electronic transformation of pictures of written, manually written or printed content into machine-encoded content, whether from a filtered record, a photo of an archive, a scene-photo or from subtitle content superimposed on a picture.


• When textExtractionAlgorithm is set to "manually written", the "RecognizeText" usefulness is utilized.

• When textExtractionAlgorithm is set to "printed", the "OCR" usefulness is utilized for dialects other than English. For English, the modern "Recognize Content" usefulness for printed content is utilized.






E-Commerce Product Entry

Invensis Innovations, a driving BPO benefit supplier, will give a strong bolster to your eCommerce commerce with our Item Information Passage and Bulk Item Information Transfer Administrations. Our well-trained experts are able to completing information passage for huge volumes of items, inside a brief turnaround time.


• All types Data Entry Work, Data mining, Data processing Work.

• Complete market or internet research.

• Pulling Data from Websites/Portals.

• E-commerce Product Entry.

• Online Store Product Uploading.

• Online and Offline data entry.

Core Competencies::

• Sourcing Product information from Manufacturer Website, Physical/Digital Catalog or other Websites.

• Writing Product Description.

• Entering Product Features and Specifications.

• Product Data Upload.

• Adding Image for Products.

• Organizing Products according to Categories and Subcategories.

• Adding Product Pricing.

• Addning New Products.

• Deleting Old Products.

• Updating product informaiton.

• Adding related Product informaiton for Corss-Selling and Up-Seliing

Web Research

Web research is the hone of utilizing Web data, particularly free data on the World Wide Web, or Internet-based assets in investigating. Web investigate has had a significant affect on the way thoughts are shaped and information is made.


• Marketing research

• Business Research.

• Personal Research.

• Website Content Research.

• Internet Research.

• Pulling Data from Websites/Portals.

Sample of Collected Dentist Data using Web Research:

Core Competencies :

• Research on Google, Google Maps.

• Adding a business name and contact information to a directory,

• Finding out who are the top businesses in a city, Province, Zip code.

• Writing the phone numbers, Addresses.

• Collect their organic positions and Map positions.

• Add the total number of review and ratings .

• Input format in an Excel sheet.

Data Conversion

Data conversion is the change of computer information from one arrange to another. All through a computer environment, information is encoded in a assortment of ways.


• Html conversion.

• xml conversion.

• epub conversion.

• OCR data.

• Print pdf.

• image to html.

• xml to epub.

• word formatting.

• Experience:

• Data Conversion using Abbay Fine Reader.

• Word Styling and Formatting using Ms-word Micros.

• JPG to PDF conversion.

• Scan PDF to searchable PDF.

• JPG Cleaning using photoshop.

• Bluk File renaming.

• Textpad, Ms-word, Excel Micros.

• Data validating or checking with conditional regular expression.

• XML/HTML Tagging.

• Data merge and Splitting.

• Convert your scan .jpg, .tiff or .pdf files into excel, word, text or searchable pdf files using OCR technology from Abbay Fine Reader software.


Bookkeeping is the recording of budgetary exchanges and is a portion of the method of bookkeeping in commerce. Exchanges incorporate buys, deals, receipts, and installments by a person individual or an organization/corporation.


• Technology Educated.

• Communication.

• Accounting Education.

• Accuracy.

• Organization.

• Data Entry.

• Understanding of bigger picture.

• Disciplined.


•Using bookkeeping software as well as online spreadsheets and databases .

• Enter (post) financial transactions into the appropriate computer software.

• Receive and record cash, checks, and vouchers.

• Put costs as well as income into the software, assigning each to an appropriate account.

• Produce reports, such as balance sheets (costs compared to income), income statements, and totals by account.

• Check figures, postings, and reports for accuracy.

• Reconcile or note and report any differences they find in the records.

Data mining

Information mining is the method of finding designs in huge information sets including strategies at the crossing point of machine learning, insights, and database frameworks.


•All types Data Entry Work, Data mining, Data processing Work.

•Complete market or internet research.

•Contacts Information Gathering.

•Pulling Data from Websites/Portals.

•Online Data Searches.

•Website Content Research.

•E-commerce Product Entry.

•Keyboarding (only English).

•Online and Offline data entry.

Core Competencies:

• Store and manage data in multidimensional databases.

• Collect data and analyze for trends, patterns, summaries, and meaning.

• Determine reasons behind a business’s past successes or failures via data analysis.

• Use statistical techniques and programming software to create algorithms and predictive models.

• Create visualizations of data to report to shareholders in the form of reports or presentations.

• Predict future trends within the organization and in the industry as a whole.

• Produce actionable business insights, such as strategic recommendations.

• Identify new markets and ways to increase productivity, or other improvements

Online Data Searches (LinkedIn / Yellow Pages / White Pages)

A web search motor or Web look motor could be a code that's planned to carry out web look (Web look), which implies to look the World Wide Web in an orderly way for specific data indicated in a web look inquiry.


• All types Data Entry Work, Data mining, Data processing Work.

• Complete market or internet research.

• Pulling Data from Websites/Portals.

• Online Data Searches (LinkedIn / Yellow Pages / White Pages) .

• Website Content Research.

• Lead Generation.

Strategy that I followed to Add Business Listing:

• Get to the form for Business Listing.

• Enter Business Listings.

• Fill your all personal detailes.

• Verification process .

Search on Yellow/White Pages:

• Auto Detects the Current Location.

• Search for a particular Business.

• Like suburb, town, region, postcode, street.

Lead Generation

In promoting, the lead era is the start of customer intrigued or inquiry into items or administrations of a trade. Leads can be made for purposes such as list building, e-newsletter list securing or for deals leads.

Sample of Linkedin Lead Generation:

Sample of Contact Detailes leads collected from LinkedIn:

Core Competencies:

• Help you set up your LinkedIn account.

• Help create your profile.

• Connect People using Custom Notes.

• Join 2 LinkedIn groups/day containing potential clients.

• Send connection messages per day.

• Collect Email Id Website, Phone numbers from connected peoples.

• Collect E-Mail using,, LeadLeaper Crome Extention.

• Monitor/Notify you of positive responses to messages for follow-up/action.

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