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Contact Wholesalers & Suppliers

We offer rapidly investigate suppliers/distributors/manufactures/wholesaler, collect citations, arrange tests, and item spreadsheets. Our sourcing specialists come from a wide assortment of businesses and are at your transfer without causing a settled taken a toll on your trade.


• Research Suppliers/Distributors/Manufactures/Wholesaler

• Contact Supplier

• Contact Distributor

Sample of Supplie Research:

Top Suppliers that I Know :

Green Supply, Group Sale, Palko Services, Super Natural Distributors, Notions Marketing, Blue Ridge Knives, Southern Hobby, GRPS

Research Strategy to find Suppliers or Vendors :

• While searching for the profitable product, Evey product has the rand name.

• We can copy that brand name and search it on Google for clients official website.

• In most cases, the client has a contact form to fill or either we can email them with a predefined script

• We need to tell more about our self ( are we a retailer or whole-seller ) then they can decide the price about it.

• Few more questions they may ask regarding experience etc.

• Once we will provide the info, we will have the deal with them to supply the demanded products on the priority.

Steps that I followed to contact Suppliers or Vendors :

• Identifying wholesale distributors through Google and other directories

• Contact wholesaler distributors

• Supplier account opening if the meets this criterion

• E-Mail Communication for contact with templates

• Ask a questionnaire with the wholesale distributor to open accounts

• Set up a Buyer Account

• Obtaining Supplier product sheet (Wholesaler with the UPC code and price)

• Collect all inventory report in CSV or Excel file

• Successful Work and "Self-Starter"

• Can also support on product research part if needed.

Amazon Seller Central

The Amazon Seller Central is the stage where you'll be able survey your shipment substance and track your shipments and their getting status at the fulfillment center. If there are problems together with your shipment, you'll be informed on the Outline page and within the Shipping Line.

Through Amazon Seller Central I have managed :

• Stock Management

• Restock, Old entries and Reports etc

• Complete Inventory management

• Product and Sell Management

• Filtering products by SKU & ASIN.

• Reporting control panel, Calculate profitability using filters

• Custom Filters

Product Listing from Amazon Seller Central :

Some Criteria that I have followed to list product through Amazon Seller Central

• Product price of Amazon

• Merchant price change according to the source website

• Check profit: above 10%

• If profit at least 10% then list that product on Amazon seller central

• Check limited stock of product on Amazon: add that count at the time of listing in the filed of Quantity on Amazon seller central

• Handling days: 4

• Condition: New: if no option "New" then "Used: Like new".

Recently Managed Amazon Stores :

eBay Product Listing & Order Fullfillment

The eBay commercial center is outlined on the standards of straightforwardness. This can be great for a modern dealer since you have got get to a lot of data around what sorts of items offer and what are the finest hones that other vendors utilize to impel their deals on eBay.


• Product Research

• Product Listing

• Product Description Writing

• Watch Competitor Prices

• Image Editing: Add Watermark, Resize Image

• HTML Description Editing

Sample of eBay Product Research :

Recently Managed eBay Store:

Core Competencies:

• Create Product listing in eBay.

• Copy SKU, Brand, Manufacturer Part Number, Other Part Number, Placement, Price, Shipping Amount, Quantity

• Dispatch time from excel and paste in create the listing.

• Product Image editing,

• Add watermark to image and image upload according to SKU.

• SEO Title Creation and Description, or editing using model and other information for product uploading.

• HTML editing of the product description


• Product Uploading according to SKU

• Title Creation/Edit

• Category Selection of product

• Image Uploading of Product

• Image Editing

• Add watermark in an image

• Information filling of product.

• HTML Editing of the product description

Magento/Shopify Store Management

Online Store Management Computer program. With the appearance of different e-commerce shopping cart programs and applications, nowadays building an internet store has ended up a or maybe simple handle indeed for individuals with a restricted specialized encounter.


• Product Listing

• Manage Store

• Description Editing

• SET Title/Description

• Image Editing

• Price Changing

Recently Managed Shopify Store:

Recently Managed Magento Store :

Core Competiences:

• Manage product listing on the Shopify store.

• Upload products through Oberlo App.

• Perform the task like Description editing

• SEO Title and SEO Description

• Image cropping

• Price editing as per client requirement

• Manage product inventory like color, size, style

• Categorization according to the product

• Add Keyword tags

• Source similar products from Aliexpress and Oberlo app

Research Tools & Chrome Extensions

Research about the program and inquire about apparatuses empower analysts and modelers to build hypotheses and framework models. Inspecting. Information collection. Information Administration. Information investigation.

Used Chrome Extensions:

• Keepa Graph Extensions, Scope (Seller Lab), AMZScout FBA calculator, AMZ Superman seller tool, Viral Launch, Jungle Scout, Commerce Inspector, DSM Tool, ASINspector, AMZ Scout Pro, eBay Profit Calculator, PrimeGlobal

Sample Experinece on Extenstions:

• Jungle Scout:

• We can track the product by ASIN using “Product Tracker”

• Using “Product Database” we can set the filters pre-set like “high demand low competition, good return on investment, good demand poor quality products “and also we can set filers manually by price, category, revenue, monthly sells, reviews to check profitable products.

• We can search for good products by keyword search method.

• Using jungle scout extension we can also check the profitable products by Opportunity score, the average score on Amazon.

Viral Launch:

• We can find good products using “Product / Keyword / Brand / Category” method.

• We can set filters and advanced filers using any of the categories to get the profitable products.

• We can set the filter by product idea score, review rate, revenue, sellers, monthly sells, BSR, search volume, price, review rating.

• Using viral launch extension we can also check the profitable products by product idea score, search volume on Amazon.

Winning/Trending Product Research

Product Research is all around analyzing the current advertise patterns to assist venders select “winning” things – something that can produce tall deals. The idea is to look for items simply can get for cheap and however offer for competitive costs with a great benefit edge in return.


• Product Research

• Product Listing

• Product Description Writing

• Anaylze Profitable Product

• Watch Competitor Prices

• Analyze Product Reviews

Video for Finding Profitable Products from Amazon :

Product Research Video:

Facebook Product Research Video:

Sample of Winning/Trending Product Research

Criteria to select the right profitable product

• Product sell in last one year

• Total reviews for the product

• Total orders received in last one year

• Sell graph for the last 3 years or less

• Sales Rank last one year

• The number of suppliers supplying that product

• Product Title and Description SEO with the short title

• Profit loss calculations by price defined

• Product Variant sell the graph

• Watchlist product counts by the supplier

Sample of Tactical Arbitrage Product Research :

Criteria to select TA Products:

• Sales Rank must be between 1 – 100,000

• Cannot compete with Amazon

• ROI to be %30 + or $ 5 a unit or HIGHER

• Product must be able to sell 30 items or more of it a month

• While sourcing make sure Amazon and sourcing pictures are the same

• Product quantity to be verified. 1 to 1 from source vs Amazon listing

Sample of Product Research from Facebook:

Critria to select the right Product from Facebook:

• Post from the big 5 (USA, Canada, UK, Newzeland, Austria) only

• No more than 3 month

• 20K view + but no more than 10M

• Normal or higher engagement (1000view = 1 comment)

• No repeat product

• Price shouldn't be over $70 from Amazon.

Product Desciption Writing Samples:

Amazon FBA

FBA makes a difference third party dealers develop by giving them get to to Amazon’s world-class fulfillment assets and mastery, acclaimed client administrations and trusted shipping alternatives.

How it work?

• You send your products to an Amazon fulfillment center or schedule a pickup

• Amazon stores your products – from a single unit to your entire inventory

• Customers order your products from Amazon, often with fast, free delivery

• Amazon packs and ships your products from fulfillment center to the customer

• You send your products to an Amazon fulfillment center or schedule a pickup

DropShipping (Amazon & Walmart)

Dropshipping could be a retail fulfillment strategy where a store doesn't keep the items it offers in stock. Instep, when a store offers a item, it buys the thing from a third party and has it transported straightforwardly to the client. As a result, the vendor never sees or handles the item.

Amazon Working Strategy:

• Be the seller of record of your products

• Identify yourself as the seller of your products on all packing slips, invoices, external packaging, and other information included or provided in connection with them

• Remove any packing slips, invoices, external packaging, or other information identifying a third-party drop shipper prior to shipping the order

• Be responsible for accepting and processing customer returns of your products; and

• Comply with all other terms of your seller agreement and applicable Amazon policies.

Examples of drop shipping that is not permitted :

• Purchasing products from another online retailer and having that retailer ship directly to customers; or

• Shipping orders with packing slips, invoices, external packaging, or other information indicating a seller name or contact information other than your own.

Walmart to eBay Working Strategy:

• Setup an eBay store and optimize the correct settings

• Open a PayPal account and link it to the eBay account

• Understand the core concepts of the Drop Shipping Business Model

• Source products on Walmart to sell on eBay

• Find the hottest products on Walmart which will sell profitably on eBay

• List Walmart items on eBay

• Process orders from Walmart to your eBay Customers

• Use Dropshipping Software and Automation to Sell Walmart products

• Give Awesome Customer Service

Customer Support

Customer support may be a extend of client administrations to help clients in making taken a toll compelling and adjust utilize of an item. It incorporates help in arranging, establishment, preparing, investigating, support, overhauling, and transfer of an item.

Duties that I handled:

• Resolve client complaints by means of phone, e-mail, mail or social media. Utilize phones to reach out to clients and confirm account data. Welcome clients warmly and find out the issue or reason for calling. Help with the situation of orders, discounts, or trades.

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